The durable SWIMTAG Wristband has a streamlined design and adjustable strap which has been designed and tested specifically for swimmers, minimising any resistance in the water and ensuring a comfortable fit for all users. The strap is made from a thermoplastic elastomer, its 100% recyclable and has excellent resistance to chemicals and UV light. Any old straps can be returned to our freepost address and we will recycle them into a new strap.

The Wristband can record up to 7 hours of continuous swimming data in a single session. Once returned to the Docking Station the Wristband is ready for the next swimmer in a matter of minutes. We can replace the battery in each wristband at the end of its usable life.

Docking Station

The SWIMTAG Docking Stations issue wristbands to swimmers, download swim data and re-charge the Wristbands. The Docking Stations can be managed by reception staff or offered as a self-service system to swimmers. Each Docking Station can manage up to 40 Wristbands with 5 bays (mini-Club SWIMTAG) or 10 bays (Club SWIMTAG) available to download and charge Wristbands simultaneously.

The Docking Stations connect to a computer via USB to process and upload swim data to the Website.

Want to see how our docking station looks at your pool?

Simply load this page on your iOS or Android smartphone and click on the link below.

Lane Displays

Our new lane displays are a great way to further improve the user experience at any SWIMTAG pool. The robust screens lets swimmers know how many lengths or how far they have swum in real time and can also be used to help them keep to a set pace. The large bright digital screen is easily seen, even through misty goggles. The swimmer simply raises their band in front of a screen when they want to see their stats.

The lane displays have been hugely popular with SWIMTAG users - they no longer see their swim notification and realise they've only done 98 lengths when they were planning to do 100!

Club SWIMTAG Equipment

The Club SWIMTAG system includes a few different components depending on the setup at your pool, at the core is the docking station tower, wristbands and card (or RFID) reader, these are used to issue the bands to your swimmers

Our docking station software controls the tower, manages the wristbands and ensures the swimmers data is uploaded to the website, this software can be installed on your own computer or we can provide a standalone computer/kiosk to run it.

Use the links above to explore the diffent options available for your pool. You can also view our video demonstrating how the equipment is setup.

Live Displays

Unsere neuen Live Displays sind eine großartige Möglichkeit, die Benutzererfahrung mit unserer SWIMTAG-Technologie zu verbessern. Die robusten und relativ großen Bildschirme zeigen dem Schwimmer in Echtzeit an, wie viele Bahnen und Meter er bereits geschwommen ist und können auch dazu genutzt werden eine bestimmte Geschwindigkeit zu halten. Der helle Bildschirm ist selbst durch eine neblige Brille gut zu sehen. Der Schwimmer hält einfach sein Band vor das Display, wenn er seine Statistiken sehen möchte. Das blaue Schaumgehäuse passt perfekt zur Optik von Schwimmbecken und haben sogar einen Einschub für die Anzeige von schnellen und langsamen Bahnen. Die Live Displays sind bei SWIMTAG-Nutzern sehr beliebt, denn nichts wäre schlimmer, als nach Hause zu kommen und zu sehen, dass Sie statt der geplanten 100 Bahnen nur 98 geschafft haben.

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